To help you find clarity in the waters ahead.

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Enjoy a maritime career

The maritime industry can be confusing!

Have a calling, but don't know how to move forward?

Do maritime certifications and courses make you dizzy?

Feel alone in the search for which training path is right for you?

Do marine-based minisrties intrigue you, but don't know what you could offer?

Want to start a new marine-based minisrty, but need advise on where to start?

We know it is hard to navigate the waters of maritime regulations and certification, that is why we offer coaching to our students and participants of our workshops. Don't feel lost again, let us help you navigate the maritime industry!


Why MA Coaching?

We desire to help teams and individuals cut through the noise of the maritime industry to get the training and qualifications they need to follow their calling.

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Personal Coaching

Discuss training and certification options

Understanding opportunities

In person one-on-one training

Team Coaching

Ministry and maritime advise

Brainstorming and solutions

In person team training 

Personnel Training

Sessions for those new to marine-based ministries to catch the passion

Resources to help equip your team

Practical fleet support tool training

Business and Legal

How to develop healthy partnerships

Vessel and charity registration discussions

Q&A sessions with ministry and maritime elders

Team Culture

How to lead a passionate team

Communicating your ministry standards and culture

Building a team that strives for exelance

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all people.

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